Tabbed Details Feature Options for Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce store owners often find themselves burdened by large amounts of product detail or sections, such as shipping information, warranty, features, etc. To negotiate such challenges, that information can simply be displayed and organized with a Tabbed Details feature. In addition to facilitating better customer search ability and adding an organized look to your site,
…Read More Feels the "Lion's Roar" at WNC "Lessons In Leadership" Conference President, Matthew Ledford, accompanied by his Marketing Director Jennifer Boos, Human Resources Director Daphne Kirkwood, and Social Media/PR specialist Jonathan Poston, attended the Western North Carolina Lessons In Leadership Conference held at the Diana Worthham Theatre in Asheville on January 21th, 2010. The evening’s presenters were George Fleming on The Big ‘Why’ in Becoming
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Top Five SEO Tips for Yahoo Ecommerce Storefront Owners

In the ever-changing world of SEO, it is important for the Yahoo Store manager / Yahoo store builder / Yahoo Store developer / Yahoo Store designer etc.  to not only be up to date on the latest techniques for improving organic positioning in search engines, but also to know about what functionality the Yahoo Store
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FastPivot's Two Responses to Haiti Earthquake Crisis

After this year’s massive earthquake hit Haiti, President Matthew Ledford responded by:

1) Giving employees a paid day off from work to lend a hand at a local non-profit for the day. Great works were done by everyone on the team in memory of Haitian Earthquake victims.

2) Initiating a 1+1=4 Matching Gifts partnership with Foundation to raise $500,000 for immediate relief to Haitian earthquake victims. employees who donated just a dollar to the Haiti relief efforts through Foundation multiplied their charitable efforts by four! Suggests Blogging in WordPress

There’s no new advice in saying that every business should have a blog, but¬†often businesses start a blog without putting much thought into what type of blog they are starting.¬† suggests using WordPress over the others out there for a variety of reasons. Before going deeper into those reasons, let’s look at the difference between
…Read More to Present & Conduct Web Site Audit Consults at IRWD 2010

This year’s 2010 IRWD (Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability) Conference will be held from February 15-17 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando Florida. This highly anticipated annual event is featuring 43 expert speakers and 35 exhibiting companies. According to the official IRWD website, this is “the perfect niche event for anyone responsible
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Why Build a Yahoo! Store?

Yahoo! Stores make it affordable and easy for brick and mortar businesses to create an e-commerce site fully loaded with basic templates, debit/credit/paypal payment systems, free marketing features, real-time analytics, processing and shipping centers, etc. FastPivot has found that top stores realize more success by using a team of experts to help with rtml programming, shopping cart programming/solutions/security, and to customize basic Yahoo store templates.

Why Social Validation Is The Holy Grail for Ecommerce Merchants

When Twitter tweets or Facebook posts are re-tweeted and recommended by those with clout, the response reverberates throughout the social media construct at such a rapid pace that by the time it begins to fade, your brand has gained exponentially in recognition and consumer confidence. When it’s time for another marketing blast, even more friends and followers will be on the lookout for your product news.

Social validation can wisp into any decision maker’s ear to whisper it’s well known coercion : If everyone else is doing it, let’s just go with it too…besides, how can so many other smart, capable people be wrong? But be assured that while a Twitter tweet, Facebook post, or even a YouTube video can travel light speed in the minds of the populace, once is rarely enough to make a lasting effort. social media experts suggest creating and implementing a social media marketing road-map strategy to achieve consistent, long-term results. Sponsors Dupont State Forest Benefit believes in green leadership initiatives and doing everything possible to lessen it’s carbon footprint on the world. Many e-commerce/Yahoo! Store build/design companies like are ahead of the game because, outside of a modest home office, their primary business infrastructure is online and many of their full-time staff work mobile or in home offices. But also believes in taking proactive and intentional efforts to make our world greener.