Tabbed Details Feature Options for Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce store owners often find themselves burdened by large amounts of product detail or sections, such as shipping information, warranty, features, etc. To negotiate such challenges, that information can simply be displayed and organized with a Tabbed Details feature. In addition to facilitating better customer search ability and adding an organized look to your site, using this tabbed details feature keeps all content on the page for optimal search engine results.

Several options to consider:

  1. Utilizing a note-card styled format or tabbed look: this feature allows you to display a lot of information in a smaller area within your Yahoo! (or other Ecommerce) Store. (Programmed to only display the tabs that have content, this area is easily managed in your store editor).
  2. Standard feature includes four pre-set tabs for product details that “flip to the front” when clicked. (Store-owner chooses tab names. Tab names remain consistent for all areas used, but if a tab is not populated with content, the store will not display that tab, so your customers aren’t frustrated by empty areas).
  3. Variations include: Extra Tabs/Image-Based Fonts for tab titles/Auto text-scroller for lengthy descriptions and more.

Below is an example of how tabs can be integrated neatly and concisely into a Yahoo (or any other ecommerce) Store build:

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