Top Five SEO Tips for Yahoo Ecommerce Storefront Owners

In the ever-changing world of SEO, it is important for the Yahoo Store manager / Yahoo store builder / Yahoo Store developer / Yahoo Store designer etc.  to not only be up to date on the latest techniques for improving organic positioning in search engines, but also to know about what functionality the Yahoo Store platform can offer for taking your optimization tactics to the next level.

Simply buying into Yahoo Store templates or Yahoo Store Design services isn’t enough; active steps must be made to perfect your SEO.

The top five SEO tips to remember are:

  1. Develop a keyword portfolio to give focus to your SEO practice
  2. Create on-site content to maximize keyword relevancy
  3. Deploy off-site link building techniques
  4. Remove SEO roadblocks – domain, code, layout, or scripting issues
  5. Train team members to ensure all contributions to the store are made with SEO in mind

It’s also important to remember to adhere to ongoing optimization practices with measurement of ranking changes, reporting, and search engine ranking matrix in mind.

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