New floating cart manager now available for use in Yahoo! Stores

On March 30, 2010 Yahoo! Store officials announced via their blog that a Floating Cart Manager can now be installed into Yahoo! Stores. Yahoo! Store owners that take advantage of this new feature should expect higher conversion rates and a better customer shopping experience overall. Yahoo! Store Design & Development company, is now offering
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Five Fundamentals For Developing Social Media Policy

Creating policy for social media is no easy task since it’s a relatively new trend among marketers. In the past, outbound communications were primarily generated and distributed¬† through the PR/marketing department. With the masses now engaging regularly on social media, every employee is a potential mouthpiece for the business; for better or worse. Below are
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Don't Forget to Integrate Social Media With Your Ecommerce Store

Social media is all the rage now. While most ecommerce store owners have built a social media road map and are now using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. many forget to integrate social media with their own ecommerce store. This is a big mistake since many loyal customers won’t intuitively search and connect with commercial entities
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Social Media Time Management: Are you a Zombie Sleep Talker, Drowsy Conversationalist, or Buddy Live?

Social Media Time Management: Are you a Zombie Sleep Talker, Drowsy Conversationalist, or Buddy Live?

Here’s a rough weekly hour-to-goal guide social media experts have developed:
1) Zombie sleep talker: 1-10 hours spent on social media per week is enough to establish LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter accounts and make a few posts per week. This is one of the most dangerous levels “social media experts” can operate at, because…

2) Drowsy conversationalist: 11-20 hours is enough time for a social media expert to start to get a feel for how receptive the audience is to the posts being generated. The marketer will have time to adjust and improve their marketing methods at this level and might begin to forge some long-term relationships, but they won’t be present enough to…

3) Buddy live : 21-40 hours equals one or…

Top Ecommerce Store Design SEO Tip #5: Train team members to ensure all contributions to the store are made with SEO in mind

Every online store owner would love to visualize their store positioned naturally on the first page of Google search results, but it’s going to take more than the regular SEO tweaks to make this a reality. It’s got to be a total team effort.

Everyone has a role to play including: The marketing department, product marketers, visionaries, content creators, the people that work in the store day to day, and the programmers.

There’s only one caveat: A solid all-departmental hands-on-deck SEO strategy will bring in the traffic, but make sure usability hasn’t been compromised from the heavier focus on SEO.

Top Ecommerce Store Design SEO Tip #4:Remove SEO Roadblocks– domain, code, layout, or scripting issues

When most people use onsite optimization tactics with SEO, they usually only make changes to the content itself, when many behind-the-scenes factors could very well be causing hiccups. Those hiccups deter a search engine crawler’s ability to follow and understand the structure and content of what you are putting out for actual humans to read.

Often ignored behind-the-scenes factors include: domain, code, layout, or scripting issues. Getting the most out of your SEO efforts requires an ongoing, multi-pronged strategy that doesn’t just stop with creating great keyword-rich content and getting external links pointing to it. to offer social media workshop near Asheville NC

The Small Business Center in Marshall NC will host Jonathan Poston of who will provide a hands on workshop for social media marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs on March 22 from 6-9 p.m in the VSBC. This is a great opportunity to learn how to integrate social media with your ecommerce store.
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