five ways to improve the social media customer experience

Helping social media customers through the conversion process is much the same as facilitating the process with other online customers. It’s also important to learn how to understand and respond appropriately to your social media leads around the entire shopping experience; before, during, and after. It’s easy to forget, particularly if you’re posting gobs of
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The IRWD (Internet Retailer Web Design) Conference held in Orlando, Florida attracted many knowledgeable expert speakers and opened the gates for outstanding networking opportunities this year. Asheville NC-based landed in Orlando last Saturday to prepare for the conference which launched this past Monday and extended into late Wednesday afternoon. Throughout the week, held
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How to Improve Online Conversion with this Checklist

When it comes to sniffing out the best online store conversion tools, many ecommerce store owners hope they’ll eventually uncover the one perfect contraption that will tell them how to magically convert every website visitor into a buying customer. Although there are some great conversion tools out there, ecommerce store owners must first do a
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Top Content Writing Tips from Charlotte NC SEO & Search Engine Marketing Meet Up’s Marketing Director, Jennifer Boos; Strategic Services Director, Grant Henry; and Social Media/PR Specialist Jonathan Poston attended the Charlotte NC SEO & Search Engine Marketing Meet Up this past February 4th, 2010. Scott Hepburn, a nationally recognized speaker and blogger, covered content writing strategies. His top tips on achieving effective content included: In a world
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