Why Build a Yahoo! Store?

According to Google Analytics, one of the top FastPivot.com keyword searches is “Store Design.” This tells us that for many business owners, the first question usually asked isn’t “why build an online Yahoo! Store,” but “what online store should I build?” However, right along with this high ranking search phrase and other similar generic ones like “e commerce store,” “build online store,” our visitors have searched specifics, such as “how to build yahoo store,” “yahoo store templates,” and “yahoo store design,” so much that they also fall within our top ten keyword searches.

While would-be online store owners do review what’s out there before going with a Yahoo! Store, many eventually turn their sights toward Yahoo! Stores because they are well known, user-friendly, dependable hosting, affordable, and easily customized by experts who can be conveniently found on the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Partner Directory.

Although Yahoo! Stores make it affordable and easy for brick and mortar businesses to create an e-commerce site fully loaded with basic templates, debit/credit/paypal payment systems, free marketing features, real-time analytics, processing and shipping centers, etc., FastPivot has found that top stores (see our portfolio) realize more success by using a team of experts to help with rtml programming, shopping cart programming/solutions/security, and to customize basic Yahoo store templates. After receiving help with these Yahoo! Store upgrades, owners generally see significant increases in traffic and conversion.

As a Yahoo Small Business Partner, FastPivot.com is listed in the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Development Network Directory in the following areas: Advanced Site Design and Set-up, Marketing Services, Advanced Features, and Merchant Training. To reach FastPivot experts directly, visit the Contact Us page for phone/email information.

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