FastPivot Creative Services Expansion Continues Into 2010

FastPivot is now offering design services that extend well beyond full scale store designs to include:

Complete logo development
Existing logo refreshment
Print-ready layouts, including
o Business cards
o Stationary
o Brochures
Online Store Persona Evaluations
Product image enhancements and modifications
We still do other really creative things like Flash movies, custom illustration and online store banners.

2010 Social Media Marketing Predictions & Strategies, Part II

To begin building a social media road map, engage and involve key company decision makers. Bring industry specific research and proprietary consumer behavior data to the table and discuss the social media marketing plan just as seriously as any other marketing plan. Flesh out short-term and long-term goals. Understand and record exactly how those goals will be met via social media. Budget for a year long campaign, choose your social media experts wisely and schedule regular performance reviews along the way.

Good Business Sense: Channel the Popularity of YouTube

For e-commerce and/or brick and mortar business owners mapping out a social media management plan, YouTube is only one tool from many to consider. Ideally, it should be used in conjunction with others such as Twitter and Facebook and managed by an experienced team of e-commerce design and development specialists who understand how to strategically integrate those agressive border hopping social media campaigns into an anchored and secure home website landing pad. President Severs Connection for Vision Nicaragua Mission

As president of an e-commerce and development company, Ledford’s office jargon is a fluid outflow of techno-speak. Conversion, rtml, teno, enhanced user interface, rotating banner, yahoo store design and development, are only a fraction of the terms he might say or type in any given 30 seconds of his workday. But touching ground in Managua, Nicaragua meant it was time to drop the sang froid techie-talk and start thinking about Vision Nicaragua in zesty Espanol.

Username and Password Updates for Basecamp Rolling Out

Contact your FastPivot Project Facilitator immediately if you experience any difficulties logging in to your project site. A major change began taking place over the weekend to a software application called Basecamp that we use for client management and communications. For the past few weeks, a notice has appeared in the project’s notices area that
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A Blog-Worthy, Rule Breaking, Auto Reply

Although there is no perfect communication model to which one must adhere when the boss is away, the following, however unorthodox it may be, is pretty darn close:THE AUTO REPLY:
Dear Friends, Clients, Colleagues…

Facebook: A Growing Asset for Business Owners

Ecommerce design and development experts at Fast Pivot, have seen their Yahoo Store clients ascend to dizzying heights. Take for example, which now has 100,362 fans!