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There’s no new advice in saying that every business should have a blog, but¬†often businesses start a blog without putting much thought into what type of blog they are starting.¬† suggests using WordPress over the others out there for a variety of reasons.

Before going deeper into those reasons, let’s look at the difference between and

According to the WordPress Support Page: “ is brought to you by some of the same folks who work on WordPress, the open source blogging software.¬† utilizes the same WordPress software which you can download at¬† With the hosting and managing of the software is taken care of by the team here at Automattic.¬† With you need to install the software on your own server or with a 3rd party provider.”

The WP Support Page also features a nifty pros/cons section on vs. Our paraphrased version is as follows:


  • Free & easy set up.
  • Back ups, upgrades, spam filter, security etc.included.
  • Blog saved via hundreds of servers so crash is unlikely.
  • Auto-post back ups.
  • Residual traffic from tags/blogs of the day.
  • Secure login (SSL).


  • Limited to standard templates.¬†CSS is open to edit,¬†but can’t do¬†custom themes.
  • Hack block on PHP code.
  • No plugin uploads.


  • Can upload plugins and themes.
  • Complete control over code.


  • Need paid web host; normally less than $12/month but higher traffic could cost thousands.
  • Requires technical knowledge.
  • Spam filtering,¬†backups, &¬†upgrades¬†are your responsibility.

The top reasons why developers think is the best blogging platform out there are:

  • The blog can be skinned to match any theme.
  • Since the blog can be made an actual part of an established website, Google indexes it quicker (vs. stand-alone blogs like blogger.)
  • Complete control over building your own plugins.
  • 100% control over all code running on your site.
  • Code is immaculate.
  • It’s open source without having links all over the place saying it was built by word press staff members.
  • It’s a full content management system.
  • Capable of running an entire website off WordPress, not just the blog. developers have launched many leading custom Yahoo! Stores and other ecommerce websites with fully loaded WordPress blog integration. Contact now to get started and to experience REAL WordPress success.

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