Yahoo! Merchant Solutions System upgrade on August 6th

08/04/09 12:46 PM PST: Merchant Solutions system upgrade on August 6 On August 6, 2009, from 9:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. (PDT), we’ll be conducting upgrades to help improve system performance. If you do not see a notice about the upgrade in your Store Manager, your store is not affected. Shoppers may be unable
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The Big Five Fundamentals of Ecommerce Strategy

The Big Five Fundamentals of E-commerce Strategy. In response to a twitter request from Maureen Alley (@maureenwm ) to post tips for Website Magazine , I had to  resist the urge to go after the latest and greatest e-commerce widget or buzzword to think about long-term success.   Few merchants pull away from the latest
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Perfecting Your Online Store's Homepage or Front Page at

“Your online store’s front page or homepage is the most important piece of real estate on your site. Here credibility must be established for both your store “brand” and for the products you sell. Here you engage users to shop and buy.“ Check the full article by our President, Matthew Ledford’s article at: Perfecting Your
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Yahoo! Dating Newscorp and Timewarner… hmm

Microsoft Unlikely to Raise Yahoo Offer Р Very tricky corporate dating scene.  Rejection, seeing other people, moving the dates around makes for drama for those of us in the business. One thing for certain: change.   Powered by ScribeFire.

Best April Fools Joke of the morning…

Guys- the best April Fools Joke I’ve found so far today goes to Google (make sure you aren’t logged in): Then: Now if they can just get the Google Calendar version working in time for next year!!! ¬† Powered by ScribeFire.

Required reading for those considering 'commerce communities'…

Are You Taking Advantage of Web 2.0? – Pogue‚Äôs Posts – Technology – New York Times Blog As our team considers ‘social shopping’ and ‘commerce communities’ like the ones we’ve built for Group Publishing’s and it seems there is are balance and control issues around the voice companies use and the level of
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Fresh Perspectives to Make 2007 Your Brightest Yahoo! E-business Year Yet!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I’ve noticed that by February, most folks have either stayed the course or fallen off the wagon again. Those New Year’s resolutions packed my local YMCA gym with short-term enthusiasts and unrealistic exercisers for the entire month of January. Taking their cues from late-night infomercials, some of these folks
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