Sponsors Dupont State Forest Benefit believes in green leadership initiatives and doing everything possible to lessen it’s carbon footprint on the world. Many e-commerce/Yahoo! Store¬†build/design¬†companies like are ahead of the game because, outside of a modest home office, their primary business infrastructure is online and many of their full-time¬†staff work mobile or in¬†home offices. But also believes in taking¬†proactive and intentional¬†efforts to make our world greener.

There’s no better place to start this action than in one’s own backyard, which is¬†why chose to sponsor the 2010 Earth School¬†Dupont 12k Trail Race, a benefit for the Dupont State Forest. Event promotions for this March event will begin this January at

Preserving large green spaces like the Dupont State Forest ensures a safe home for indigenous animals and a protected area for vegetation to flourish. These large forest areas help process human by-products like carbon dioxide and other pollutants, not to mention the fact that they welcome our recreations and meditations.

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