FastPivot's Two Responses to Haiti Earthquake Crisis

The recent earthquake crises in Haiti has prompted President Matthew Ledford to act locally and internationally in two distinct ways:

1) As a memorial and symbol of hope for the Haitian earthquake victims, will observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day and his vision for a peaceful tomorrow in service to others. President Matthew Ledford has officially named this Monday, January 18th, 2010 a paid “service” holiday for employees.

“Following Twitter’s lead, we are giving our team a paid holiday off Monday to go and make a difference by serving their community,” said Ledford.

Photo: Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of MLK Day, employees will unplug from their work on custom Yahoo Stores and other e-commerce store design, build, and development projects this Monday to help others within the home office community of Asheville, NC and throughout other satellite cities in the USA. staff have been encouraged to check for a complete listing of area community service projects currently needing help.

2) In addition to offering community service on MLK Day in response to the Earthquake Crisis in Haiti, is also initiating a 1+1=4  Matching Gifts partnership with Foundation to raise an anticipated $500,000 for immediate relief to Haitian earthquake victims. employees who donate just a dollar to the Haiti relief efforts through Foundation will in essence be multiplying their charitable efforts by four; so one charitable dollar instantly becomes four charitable dollars, five becomes twenty and so on! The amount of love and relief that can be multiplied here is incredible!

How it works: Foundation matches the initial employee dollar given, then alerts of the employee donation. in turn gives Foundation another dollar to match that employee donation. Foundation then matches’s employee match donation.

“It is gratifying to see¬† the outpouring of individual and corporate generosity building.¬† What if all the small businesses in America agreed to match the donations of all their people so foundations like Salesforce could meet their foundation goal?,” President, Matthew Ledford challenges.

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  1. The power of mobile donation efforts! Foundation has already met their goal of raising $500,000 for Haiti Earthquake victims. Thank you to all who contributed!


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