Google's Newest Search Update Leaves Some Ecommerce Merchants Crying

For merchants who enjoy putting their store websites on auto-pilot and sitting back to watch the sales come in, it is time to weep. That time is over, at least for merchants selling “fresh” product dependent on Google indexing. According to an official November 3rd, 2011 Google blog update: Given the incredibly fast pace at
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Luxury Brand Elites Caught Sniffing Social Media Commons

Luxury brands are the big cats of commerce. They are too elegant and sophisticated to root around for the raw and gritty masses. They want more refined consumers, who are eager to give themselves over to vainglorious spending for the off-chance they’ll be lifted to an edgy, en vogue swashbuckler status. Because there’s no real
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While Facebook clearly does not work well for some businesses, we have found that it’s a godsend for others, especially those in the sports business. This doesn’t take much  brain blood to figure out–everyone likes to keep up with sports; whether it is regarding new products, sports team updates, contests, etc. Having recently surpassed one
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How to Stop Losing Shoppers to Social Media

Guest Blog by The TurnTo Team Shoppers online often have questions or want advice before making a purchase.  From the perspective of shoppers, they want credible advice from someone who has nothing substantial to gain from a purchase being made.  When in the equivalent situation at a brick-and-mortar store, a shopper might ask the advice
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Google Engineer: Google+ a "Knee-Jerk Reaction"

Just as Google+ seemed to be picking up, with Larry Page celebrating its landmark 40 million users ,  Steve Yegge, one of Google’s engineers posted a rant denouncing it. It’s fair to mention that Yegge didn’t just lambast Google, but began painting the big tech. failure backdrop by slamming his former employer, Amazon, for numerous
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Case Study: How America's Top Three Business Schools Are Failing On Facebook

According to  U.S. News, 2011’s top three American business schools are: 1) Stanford University— Stanford, CA;  $53,118 per year;  enrollment,  799 2) Harvard University–Boston, MA; $48,600 per year; enrollment, 1,840 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)–Cambridge, MA; $50,353 per year; enrollment,  797 For those interested in understanding how U.S. News calculates their rankings, read here.
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New "Publicly Visible" Fan Page Metrics May Hinder Growth

Facebook recently announced a new “Insights” feature for Fan Pages which allows administrators to view how many fans are “talking” on the Page. The screenshot (left) is from Coca Cola’s Facebook page (yesterday we released a Coca-Cola Facebook case study blog). This “who’s talking about this” metrics display gives Facebook Page admins a good idea
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