Under the Hood of AmericanMuscle.com, One of Our Most Complex Yahoo! Stores Yet

AmericanMuscle.com is one of our most complex and feature-rich custom Yahoo Stores to date. The overall design is comfortable and easy to navigate, but some of the most interesting features are controlled behind the scenes, in order to offer a fully optimized user experience.

Yahoo! Store Cookie-based Navigation

Cookie Based Navigation Yahoo! Stores
Cookie Based Navigation

FastPivot developed a cookie system that tracks choices made in the navigation bars, filters, and other links that allow the top nav and other selections to always remain on that generation during the shopping process. This cookie remains in place until another generation is clicked. This makes for a less cluttered navigation experience, as well as providing content that only applies to a customer’s vehicle at any given time.

American Muscle organizes their products based on the generation of vehicle. This allows customers to start by selecting the year of their cars and immediately viewing the segment of products that only apply to that year range.

Yahoo! Store Image Rotators

Many custom Yahoo! Stores include a home-page image rotator. With American Muscle, there are a variety of rotators site-wide. These include a homepage hero rotator (supports image maps), testimonial rotator, meet-the-experts rotator, featured products rotator, and several others on specific pages.

Yahoo! Store image rotators
Yahoo! Store Image Rotator

Yahoo! Store Filters

Yahoo! Store Filters
Yahoo! Store Filters

There are a number of filters in place that help segment the product listings in real-time. This prevents the need to travel into additional subsection pages, and gives the customer more shopping options without extra clicks and scrolling. For example, see American Muscle’s Custom Wheels Page:

This page represents one of the more complex templates on American Muscle. It offers an easy-to-use layout with quick links to individual wheels and /or packages.

Promo Badge Overlays for Yahoo! Stores

promobadgeoverlays yahoo store
Promo Badge Overlay for Yahoo! Stores

There are several badge overlays in place for product icons on section pages. The “Hot” and “Clearance” icons are not a part of the product images. These are dynamic badges that can be added by the client at will.

FastPivot’s My Account solution tied into Stone Edge order history

For the first time, FastP ivot’s My Account solution is tied directly into Stone Edge. This allows customers to see their complete order history directly from American Muscle’s order management system.

Advanced Product Reviews and Dynamic Imaging Based on Design Specs Provided by American Muscle

yahoo store product reviews
Advanced Product Reviews

Fast Pivot has tied their current product reviews tool into product pages, as well as bringing “stars” and a number of reviews into other areas of the store – including section pages, featured products, e tc. The product reviews system is also tied to the FastPivot MyAccount tool. This means that customer reviews are tied to the customer account that submitted those reviews – closely tying together customer data between My Account, product reviews, and Stone Edge for uniformity. A new dynamic imaging solution is in place that allows for a much smoother experience with product images.

Yahoo! Stores Additional Features: Advanced Product Options

Multipliers, Real-time price switchout based on options, Swatch selections, “My Build List,” Customer Photos Support on product page,  Custom Info / Customer Service page templates, Custom Meet the Experts Templates, Conversion Since Launch, etc. are all additional features and advanced product options we installed for AmericanMuscle.com. Below is a screenshot illustrating one of many of these aforementioned features:

FastPivot’s core strength in the Yahoo! Store development and design world is providing innovative and profitable solutions to unique and complex requests. AmericanMuscle.com is one custom Yahoo! Store, among a relatively small circle of others, to which our agile development team fully implemented its Yahoo! Store artistry and RTML acumen.

Thanks again, AmericanMuscle.com, for the opportunity to push the limits on the Yahoo! Store platform!

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