's New Custom Yahoo! Store Races Forward With 13% Conversion Increase

FastPivot’s Yahoo! Store developers were proud to be a part of the official store launch, which debuted a few weeks ago. It wasn’t until this week that our analytics crew noted a 13% increase in conversion since launch. While this metric might not sound like more than a backfire, it is a significant needle on the dashboard to watch, especially after take-off. Traditionally, after a radical Yahoo! Store re-design, merchants should expect to see a small drop in conversion, as repeat customers get used to the new experience. While represents only a small sample size, we see this as the beginning of a wonderful trend to look out for with new Yahoo! Store designs.

American Muscle
Note: Graphics were provided by client

In our next blog, we will look under’s hood to see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, if you have questions about Yahoo! Store design or Yahoo! Store development, contact FastPivot’s ecommerce team today.

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