Nets Over 1 Million Facebook Fans

While Facebook clearly does not work well for some businesses, we have found that it’s a godsend for others, especially those in the sports business. This doesn’t take much  brain blood to figure out–everyone likes to keep up with sports; whether it is regarding new products, sports team updates, contests, etc. Having recently surpassed one million fans, is a winning example of how an online sports business has positioned themselves well on Facebook.

World Soccer Shop Facebook Page
World Soccer Shop Facebook Page

Our Facebook Page has allowed us to connect with customers and fans from around the globe. Whereas it used to take days to build a promotion for an event and email our customers, we can literally now build a promotion and post it to hundreds of thousands of customers within minutes —

In the screenshot above, we see has a number of products featured across the top of their Page, each one professionally photographed for maximum effect. Their latest post was “Liked” by 225 Fans, giving them a .22 engagement rate.  Notice in the left navigation the custom tabs: Reviews, “How Far Contest,” etc.–While could probably thrive without adding custom options, they were wise to know that Fans want to engage in creative new ways. Contests, reviews, and videos are mainstays of a thriving social commerce presence.

We believe part of our success has been making retail entertaining. We feature our products in unique ways that connect our fans to key soccer players and relevant matches. For example, a player from Manchester City scored a goal this past weekend and promptly pulled up his jersey to reveal a t-shirt with “Why Always Me?” on it. (He had been in the news earlier in the week for accidentally setting his house on fire by accidentally using fireworks indoors and this was response to all his misfortunes off the field.) Within hours, we were selling a Why Always Me? Jersey with the player’s number and the next day we had a replica of the t-shirt for sale. Our fans on Facebook went crazy for it! —

So many businesses forget that social media is supposed to feel light, random, and just fun. Marketers should take themselves seriously, but to really get ahead on Facebook the wizard must come out from behind the curtain to chat along with the audience. Even if you have too many Fans to engage with personally, take the same tack as WorldSoccersShop does: offer contests, and other fun things to do. A million Fans are unlikely to bang your door down if you’re just getting started, but having a goal of increasing your numbers in the beginning by a thousand or two isn’t unrealistic. Just stay consistent, and put someone behind the ball who can hit grounders all day, and a home-run whenever the bases are loaded.

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