Website Branding is More Than Just a Logo

If I asked you to draw the McDonald’s logo, you could probably come pretty close, right? Of course! Their logo has become a pop and business culture icon – seemingly ingrained in our minds through years and years of well planned advertising. However, the famous golden arches are only a small part of the multi-billion dollar
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Five Reasons To Choose Shopify

There are certainly more than 5 reasons to choose Shopify for your next (first?) ecommerce platform, not least of which is because the company was founded by Canadians who love ecommerce and hockey. But there are recommended word count limits for blog posts so I polled the FastPivot team and identified 5 areas where Shopify absolutely
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5 Ways to Know if Shopify is for You

    Shopify has done a great job developing an easy-to-use ecommerce platform. There are tens of thousands of Shopify sites, hundreds of themes, and all sorts of secondary apps, widgets and plugins to make your Shopify site rock. But is Shopify the best choice for you? FastPivot has helped ecommerce  retailers succeed for more
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A great example of the results our clients see when we apply our Pivot 360 process to ecommerce retailing. It’s a methodology comprising assessment, planning and execution that we’ve honed and used with many of our clients in recent years. Here’s how it made better.