4Radon.com Site Redesign: Using Content To Drive Online Sales

While using content to drive online product sales is not new to the world of ecommerce, too few retailers do it. Which is the wrong decision – particularly for sites catering to niches. Educational content is often the best way to acquire traffic, then convince people that 1. they have a problem, and 2. you offer a solution they can acquire right now.

Expanding educational content resources can be part of a larger content marketing strategy. It can also be part of a larger website redesign project. This was recently the case with our FastPivot client JMJ Supply LLC. JMJ operates a portfolio of ecommerce sites, including www.4alarmclocks.com and www.4homespeakers.com.

We’ve worked with JMJ for several years on various projects, ranging from site design, web marketing, site optimization, and analytics. Several months ago, we proposed some substantial improvements to 4radon.com, including a complete visual facelift. We also recommended a revised UX (user experience) to streamline navigation and access to the large content library.

From Resources to Product

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and radioactive gas that is produced naturally in the Earth. Approximately one in fifteen homes in the United States contain unsafe radon levels while a higher percentage contain what the EPA considers unhealthy levels. It is the primary source of lung cancer among non-smokers, causing more than 20,000 deaths annually. It is an important public health risk. Educating people on these risks, and improving merchandising for detection products used to to locate radon were our objectives.

What We Did

1. The FastPivot design staff updated the visual branding to make the site fresher and more modern and consumer-friendly. Our deisgners updated the existing logo and color palate, replacing the yellow in the logo to shades of blue.

2. The overall site structure and product listings remained principally unchanged.

3. Content was cleaned up and organized within a “learn more” dropdown menu. We organized the radon and gas testing/detection products into four categories.

4. We removed duplicate navigation from the store.

5. We used tabbed navigation on the item pages so visitors could easily find product descriptions and other relevant product information without feeling overwhelmed. (Tab navigation really helps organize product presentation).


Website redesign before-and-after
Website redesign

Site Design ROI

The new site went in late-March. We’re monitoring the KPIs (key performance indicators) and the early data look very good. Early indications are that using content to drive online sales can really pay off. And the client is happy, too.

“It’s refreshing when a designer can read my mind.”

– Mike Hurwitz, President, JMJ Supply, Inc.

Our mission at FastPivot is to “Help Good People Build Great Businesses that Make a Difference.” By improving the design and user-experience of www.4radon.com, we’re helping JMJ educate visitors about the serious health risk of something most people know little about.

If you’re wondering how to improve the performance of your online store, give us a call (888-770-8883). 

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