5 Ways to Know if Shopify is for You


Is Shopify right for me?


Shopify has done a great job developing an easy-to-use ecommerce platform. There are tens of thousands of Shopify sites, hundreds of themes, and all sorts of secondary apps, widgets and plugins to make your Shopify site rock. But is Shopify the best choice for you?

FastPivot has helped ecommerce  retailers succeed for more than 15 years. This experience and our experience as official Shopify partners makes us pretty qualified to assess Shopify in terms of how it can meet your online retailing needs. Here are 5 ways to know if Shopify is for you:

You Value Simplicity

Shopify is built to be simple from the ground up. It gives you everything you need to set up shop and start selling online. If you want advanced and integrated CRM software, Inventory Management, etc., then perhaps something more full-featured like Netsuite would be a better fit for you. However, if you value simplicity and have trouble remembering lot’s of lofty business acronyms, then Shopify might be right up your alley.

You Want Mobile to be Easy

Many of the available themes in Shopify theme store are already mobile-friendly and responsive. Because Shopify is a new platform built on some of the latest industry technologies, it tends to attract theme designers that keep up with the latest in web design.

Design Matters to You

Shopify’s template system has allowed some of the top web designer’s to build a lot of great, modern themes. It also makes creating custom themes a very pleasant experience for a web designer with almost any amount of experience. Basically, Shopify makes designing easy.

You Value Good Customer Service (or You’re not too proud to ask for directions).

Sometimes with big, custom, full-featured e-commerce solutions, you can end up with different parts built by different people. This can mean powerful custom features, but it can also be a huge headache when something breaks and you’re not sure who to call. Because Shopify is a leaner and more inclusive platform, their customer service can resolve most issues rather quickly. This means peace of mind for small to medium online retailers.

You Don’t Want to Mess with Payment Services or Hosting

The monthly cost of Shopify includes hosting. All you have to do is point your domain, and the folks over at Shopify make that pretty simple too. As for payment gateways, Shopify has that built in too, so there’s no con using integration, and you know exactly what to excpect.

If any of the above points apply to you, then perhaps Shopify is a good fit for you!

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