Digital Marketing Won’t Stick? Stop Throwing Spaghetti.

Hey fellow digital marketing people, wouldn’t it be easier to go back to the days portrayed in the TV series Mad Men where you basically had three outlets for advertising? The good ol’ days of radio, television, and newsprint dominated brand advertising (in addition to a couple roadside billboards here and there). In today’s digital and
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Q&A with Chip Oglesby, FastPivot Google Expert

Who is Chip Oglesby? A Southern man of many talents, of course.  Chip (@chipoglesby on Twitter) brought his considerable data-crunching talents to FastPivot when he relocated to Asheville, NC from Columbia, SC. With certifications including Google Analytics Certified Individual and Google Certified Partner, he’s also our in-house lead for everything related to data, including Google, online
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A great example of the results our clients see when we apply our Pivot 360 process to ecommerce retailing. It’s a methodology comprising assessment, planning and execution that we’ve honed and used with many of our clients in recent years. Here’s how it made better.