Digital Marketing Won’t Stick? Stop Throwing Spaghetti.

Hey fellow digital marketing people, wouldn’t it be easier to go back to the days portrayed in the TV series Mad Men where you basically had three outlets for advertising? The good ol’ days of radio, television, and newsprint dominated brand advertising (in addition to a couple roadside billboards here and there). In today’s digital and social media landscape, we literally have dozens of additional marketing options available through websites, smartphone apps, streaming services, video sharing sites, etc… Not to mention, the audience’s attention span and reception is getting shorter and shorter. So, how do you continue to be effective and show your worth as a marketer in modern marketing? Easy. Lower your client’s marketing budget and spend their money wisely. I know, for some of you I just spat in your face. It’s true though. There are too many agencies out there willing to do less with more. We know. We repair their misguidedness on a regular basis. Digital Marketing Ideas 

***Prepare yourself for a string of food analogies*** With a virtual smorgasbord of digital advertising channels on the menu, many agencies practice what I call “Pot O’ Spaghetti Marketing” on behalf of their clients. They cook up expensive and elaborate marketing plans utilizing the maximum budget on every campaign and initiative. They include the kitchen sink, so to speak. Then, they simply throw it against the wall. Whatever campaigns stick and produce some semblance of a result, they will quickly take credit for the ideas at the end of the year. Compliments to the chef, right?!

However, those limp noodles that fall to the floor? Well, they will nonchalantly blame those failures on market instability, the struggling economy, or my all time favorite excuse “we were simply promoting brand recognition”. How do you measure that, really? The worst part is getting the check. I am constantly amazed at what some agencies and service providers charge their clients for mediocre results. Have you ever paid $30 for a two bite dessert at a fancy restaurant? You get my point.

Come on marketers! Let’s forget the techniques we learned in college or internships and re-write the book on truly strategic marketing. Sure, it will require a little more work in analyzing the results and changing strategies accordingly. You may have to abandon the traditional mediums in which you have been comfortable working and learn a new technique. Hey, that’s the fun part of being “in marketing” in today’s digital landscape! Your clients have trusted you with their hard earned money to produce a return. Wouldn’t you feel a true sense of accomplishment if you could show astounding results AND come in under budget for once?

So, forget the one pot dinner. Split up your campaign menu into smaller courses and prepare a marketing meal that is both memorable and affordable. If you do this successfully and transparently, diners (clients) will keep coming back and hopefully tell their friends. Bon Appetit! 

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