Zappos Hack Reminder No Ecommerce 100% Safe

The NYTimes reported today that the famous and trusted shoe (and clothing) company, Zappos, was hacked, with 24 million customer accounts were exposed to potential identity theft, etc. This is another classic example of how hackers can strike an online company no matter how much security they purport to have in place, or how trusted they are in the ecommerce world. As hacking technologies become more advanced it’s safe to say that there isn’t an ecommerce solution that is 100% foolproof, though some seem to be close. We’ve mentioned in earlier blogs that the Yahoo! Store platform has, to our knowledge, never been exposed through such a hack job as Zappos recently dealt with, but there’s no guarantee that it can’t happen.

When high profile companies like Zappos are hit, it makes us all think, especially about the customers we may lose to fear of doing business online. Of course it helps to embed Yahoo! Store badges on your site to relay to customers a sense of security, but it’s also important to go through as many other steps on the back-end as possible to keep customer data safe. For example, just because Yahoo!’s security team monitors and protects data from the cart side, it doesn’t mean that third party solutions like email or blog hosting are secure. Take the time to invest in strong security and regular system check ups. And even when you think you have it sealed tight, be sure to have a contingency plan in place for possible breaches.

Tell us what you do to monitor and keep your ecommerce systems safe?

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