Yahoo! Store Development For Merchants Who Already Have a Store Design

Fledgeling merchants generally wet-land into the Yahoo! Store world thinking a) it will be everything they hopedĀ  (which inevitably it isn’t without custom handling), and then b) that every development agency takes a Swiss Army knife approach to MacGyvering them in and out of wet and crusty quicksand pits. Both of these assumptions are quickly tested (usually within the first six month to one year). On the contrary, Yahoo! Store vets, accustomed to the platforms industrial back-end and quirky custom vendor cloud have learned to work the dev. agency circuit quite well. They know exactly where to go for the best specialized Yahoo! Store development and design services, and where not to go.

Yahoo! store agencies shouldn’t be thought of a mechanic’s garage for Yahoo! Stores, and if as a merchant any development agency promises they can do it all, there should be red flags springing from every brain wrinkle. Usually development agencies are known to be really great at one or two things. Some Yahoo! Store experts are awesome at design. Some offer the cheapest and fastest-built Yahoo! Stores. There are others who can sell a thousand pound poplar log canoe to a desert dwelling hand-walker, without even knowing RTML from Cuneiform.

And then there is FastPivot. Our core, our soul, our mission is high order development. We don’t tinker with RTML, we bend reality with it, stretching it around problems no one else can (or wants to) touch and choking them with neat, intelligent blows.

One common request, and some merchants ask us this with slight chagrin, is whether we will program in a design that we didn’t create. The conversation deepens: “It’s just that I found this awesome designer and they fashioned over my rusty wireframe a beauty rivaling a sunset splashing by Hawaii’s Na Pali Cliffs…but, umm, that’s as far as they can go. Can, you…” We retort with a quiet, Yes. Bring us the sunset and we program each pixel of moving light, sift into it fine molecules of expression, and animate its cybernetic fiber-optics. But, custom Yahoo! Store development isn’t a gelatinous spam-brick commodity or all-you-can eat fake fish sticks and fries bar. It doesn’t come out of the can like same-size Pringles, tasting and costing the same every time. It’s always custom. Always unique. Always a blend of byzantine math and space age art.

Behold the design we programmed into life for American Muscle:

For a quote on your Yahoo! Store development needs, contact FastPivot.

Mustang Parts & Performance - American Muscle' - www_americanmuscle_com
Mustang Parts & Performance - American Muscle' - www_americanmuscle_com
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