Store Design Feature Flash:'s Pagination Install

We announced the birth of in an earlier blog this week. Included in that blog was a list of the standard and enhanced features which were built into this new site. Among the enhanced features mentioned was pagination (see sample pagination feature in highlighted area of screen capture below).


Pagination is used to organize large amounts of similar product information, which makes for easier shopper navigation and higher conversion rates for store owners. For instance, if a store has dozens of coffee makers available for sale and does not want to overwhelm shoppers by making the page a mile long with product, they can organize them into multiple pages. Those multiple pages can be browsed by clicking through the pagination number reference sections as highlighted in the above screen capture.

The Yahoo! Store platform has many features available, like pagination,which enhance usability and the overall customer shopping experience. The easier it is for shoppers to find what they want to buy and complete their checkout, the better for conversion and referrals! takes delight in creating brand new, custom Yahoo Stores around myriad of cerebral inceptions. We can even re-breathe life into an already-established, under-performing Yahoo Store, without damaging fragile internals. The more custom theme design involved, the better! Contact to let the magic begin.

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