Hybrid Advanced Search Feature Developed for Pink Bra's Yahoo! Store

Ladies can attest: the right bra is hard to find, and that’s under optimal circumstances. Leaving customers to sort through a room full of inventory is worse than giving them a desk sized box full of red buttons, dropping a similarly sized pink one in, stirring it around and saying you have only minutes to find it. That’s the most time a customer will give any merchant, and honestly if there’s no easy way to sort through product, customers are likely to find what they need someplace else. Yes, that’s the dreaded implicit threat hanging over every merchant, but it’s absolutely real, so it pays to have something in place to help customers find exactly what they need.

For The Pink Bra, a hybrid advanced search was the solution to effectively lower their customer search frustration index.

FastPivot-developed Hybrid Advanced Search for Yahoo! Stores performs sorting and filtering based on predetermined fields. The search uses custom fields to capture matches and display results. The Advanced Search is set up to be a drop-down “finder” interface.  The home page presents one specific section, and each sub-section within the store has the option to display a “finder” interface at the top for that section. In addition, once an original search parameter is chosen, the user can further narrow choices by choosing from remaining options or remove chosen filters to see more options.

yahoo store hybrid advanced search

To get a quote on installing this hybrid advanced search feature into your Yahoo! Store, contact FastPivot.

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