FastPivot Developer Tip: Leverage a Blog

Yahoo! Small Business coordinated with its network of developer partners, like FastPivot, to bring Yahoo! Store merchants a series of “developer tip” Youtubes.

Here’s what FastPivot’s president, Matt Ledford, had to say:

One key tip that we recommend for our clients to grow both SEO and social media influence is leverage a blog. It can be a simple WordPress blog, but what it does for SEO is gets crawled very quickly, keyword rich content together with links that come back to the main site. Plus, SEO can feed into social media by RSSing that same content into the Facebook Page. Imagine reaching into theĀ  Facebook lifestream of a million fans and seeing immediate results coming back to your website, as well as the multiplied “Like” effect from them sharing these things with their friends. You’ll see powerful results from this one tip, that you can do quite easily by yourself.

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