Facebook "Page" Admins Can Now Schedule Posts

Facebook has recently added a new functionality to Pages, so admins can schedule posts up to six months in the future. It’s no shock that Facebook has allowed Page managers to schedule posts, as it is a critical tool for brands who want to meticulously plan an editorial calendar, especially around publication times when no one will be in the office. Before, Page managers had to use third party tools, like Hootesuite and Buffer App, to schedule Facebook posts, but the word is (and you can check this yourself now), that Facebook’s algorithms detect use of these third party posting apps. and penalize them with limited fan visibility.

So, how can you start scheduling your Facebook Page posts? It’s easy. Just look to your status update field, find the nearly invisible clock face symbol to the bottom left, and schedule your post. We’ll save some of you a lot of confusion by saying that before you can schedule Facebook posts into the future, you have to let Facebook know when your company was founded. Once you’ve done that, the scheduling can begin. Check out the screenshot below of the Facebook post scheduler in action:


scheduling posts on facebook

It’s worth noting that Facebook Page managers will want to know, once all the posts are scheduled, where they can go back and edit those posts. That’s easy too: just go to your activity log and you’ll see all of your Facebook scheduled posts, and they’re easy to edit from there.

There have been some reports of glitches, so try this out and let us know (by commenting on this blog) whether you get better results with the new Facebook scheduling tool, than the current third party app. you’re using.

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