Drupal Programmer Job Opening

#Drupal for breakfast

In a blog last week, we mentioned that we have programmer job openings for those proficient in rtml, java, css, html, Magento, and Netsuite. But, now there’s more. We’ve also added a Drupal job opening to the list.

Even if you’re not a Drupal programmer and you’re reading this, we hope you’ll pass the announcement along to your friends. Finding the right job is about networking, and oftentimes programmers, or at least the ones we know, are hard at work and not necessarily checking the job boards daily. So, please, pass the word!

For most programmers, it isn’t all about the money, but the challenge as well. Because FastPivot is a world class development agency we develop inventive solutions on a regular basis. Our programmers are creative, high achievers who love working as a team to explore the possibilities of breaking new ground on the Yahoo!, Magento, and Netsuite platforms.

Programmers who work at FastPivot need not worry about moving, although our home office is in the most beautiful place on Earth–Asheville NC–because we do most of our work remotely. We currently have programmers in Wyoming, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, etc.

For consideration on FastPivot’s programmer jobs, email daphne -at- fastpivot.com with a resume and cover letter addressing availability (specific hours & volume), and a link to your online portfolio.

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