Chinese Etailers Now Competing in U.S. Cyber Space

Stoopid space mans!

We’ve talked lately so much about how U.S. etailers should be pursuing international business, and how whenever an online retailer opens shop they essentially become an international business without knowing it; whether or not global traffic is converted into sales or not is a different story.

Just as we’re pointing out how U.S. merchants need to go global, this article, Video Is Lifeblood of Li-Ning’s ‘New China’ Sneaker Launch, by Janko Roettgers, points out how international etailers (in this case, Chinese) are already competing here in the U.S.:

Li-Ning, the Beijing-based sports company started by the Chinese Olympic medal-winning gymnast of the same name, is pushing into the U.S. market- backyard of Nike -using digital media, e-commerce and event marketing. Eschewing retail channels, the company is only selling its sneakers and apparel online, primarily through its dedicated e-commerce site.

And the article brings the truth closer by telling how international sites, like Li-Ning are tapping into U.S. consumers through American social media platforms:

To build brand awareness and generate buzz for the new brand site, the company crafted a teaser video, and since December 2011, has posted heavily on its Facebook page and Twitter account. In late fall Li-Ning had only about 1,000 Facebook likes; when the new site launched, it had accumulated about 50,000 likes, says Heisner.

So, how should U.S. companies respond? Without being rash, of course, but with a mindful approach that is responsive to the reality that the competition isn’t just a few states over anymore. The battleground is Earth, and to compete in this furiously competitive environment it takes a bold, no holds barred approach. Etailers can’t afford to depend on ultra-niche industries and exclusive suppliers anymore. The advantage is also gained by customer access, wherever they are in the world. Ask our global cart and shipping solutions provider, GlobalShopEx, and they’ll say the same thing.

How are you preparing for international competition?

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