WordPress Powers 25% of the Web, But is it Right for You?

25% of the Internet runs on WordPress

Last week, the research organization w3techs released its latest research on Content Management System (CMS) usage across the web. The far and above WordPress was the winner, powering 59% of websites with identifiable CMS and 25% of the web overall. The 2nd (Joomla) and 3rd (Drupal) place CMSs account for less than 5% combined.

Most Popular CMSes:

Top 10 List:

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Does this make WordPress the right CMS for you?
When choosing a CMS, you want something that is established and actively developed and supported. When a platform has 25% of the web, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the trends show it easily surpassing 25% by the end of the year.

These percentages also show that WordPress is not just for blogging any longer. In its early days, that is primarily what it was designed for, but it has continued to grow, and the community has created themes and extensions that make it a great option for any business to power their online presence. It also continues to be easy to use and updated frequently so you aren’t stuck with a site that can’t grow and change with your business. There are thousands of themes available that make it easy to present your business or organization exactly how you want. If the perfect theme isn’t available, having your own custom theme isn’t out of reach like it can be on some other platforms.

Another huge plus that is often overlooked when evaluating a CMS is how search engine friendly it is. When you are on 25% of the world’s websites, Google and Bing are going to know how to crawl it. When you add SEO plug-ins, it only enhances the ease at which search engines can pick up your content and help them be seen by people looking for services and products you offer.

We are proud to offer WordPress as one of the solutions to help your business reach it’s goals and potential. We have a team experienced in design and development ready to build a site that meets your business needs. And if you are unsure of what you need or how your current site can be improved, we have years of experience in helping coach people along the way so they can learn what will be most effective.

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