Danny Sullivan Interview: What Online Retailers Need to Know

A Danny Sullivan interview is worth reading. Why? Because he’s been talking about SEO since before it became an acronym. If someone were building a short list from which to select the most seminal person in SEO, he’d be near the top. His resume is pretty good:

  • April 1996: published A Webmaster’s Guide To Search Engines
  • June 1997: launched Search Engine Watch news website
  • Founded Search Engine Strategies conference
  • Founded SMX, Search Marketing Expo
  • 2006: launched Search Engine Land news website

Marketing Pilgrim published a Danny Sullivan interview last week (10 Pressing Questions for the Godfather of Search Marketing) that every online retailer should read. (It will take about 5 minutes to do so). Thought the statement about Google + is the most interesting:

“Google+ has a huge impact on pages ranking better, if people follow a brand on Google+ and are signed into Google. So ignoring it is ignoring a big SEO opportunity. In terms of direct traffic, it’s less compelling. But it takes so little time to do the same type of sharing you’re already doing on Twitter and Facebook also on Google+ that ignoring it just seems dumb.”

Take a break this afternoon and read it. It will be time well spent.

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