Best 3 Fonts for Websites–It’s What Top e-Retailers Are Using

As an agency specializing in web design, we often get asked questions that seem simple, like, “What is the best font to use for websites.” It would be nice to be able to summarize an answer for that question in one or two words, but alas there are more fonts than stars these days. It is important to note that asking what the best font is to use for a website is often the same as asking what the most common fonts for websites are. It’s because fonts that are commonly used are usually the ones that are free, easy to read, and widely compatible and available across operating systems and internet browsers.

When this question was put out to our design team: “what would you say are the top three fonts for content generation on an ecommerce site, and why?”, here’s the answer we got from web designer, Tim Segreto:

In my opinion it’s Arial, Helvetica, Verdana [Helvetica comes standard with Apple, and Arial for Microsoft] Why?  Because they are free, mostly come standard, are very legible at small sizes and are visually similar in appearance, spacing etc. So, you can trust your layout will look relatively similar cross platform and browser.

[columns number=”2″ position=”left”]I can’t really give you an exact number, but here some of the larger retailer’s css font tags:

Crate & Barrel:
Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif
Williams & Sanoma:
Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Geneva
Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Geneva
Lucida Grande ,Helvetica, Arial, Verdana 
Helvetica Neue , Helvetica, Arial 
Verdana, Arial, Lucida, Sans-serif; 
Arial, Verdana
[/columns][columns number=”2″ position=”right” valign=”top’]

Are you starting a new website or updating the one you have?


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2 Responses to “Best 3 Fonts for Websites–It’s What Top e-Retailers Are Using”

  1. Thanks for the list of fonts, I just installed the Google fonts API and plugin, and now trying to find out what;s the best font to use on my store and the best sizes for readability as a few of my customers have complained about font size. Finding it so hard to find good info regarding font sizes and recommendations for eCommerce stores.

  2. As the name suggests, this serif font is good for titles and headlines. Although it’s trendy to use sans-serif fonts on the web, serif and sans-serif fonts combined make a beautiful and tasty visual experience. Playfair is a modern Google font that’s easily paired with sans-serif fonts like Raleway, Roboto, and many more.


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