Is Your Store Ready for Yahoo!’s Switch to HTTPS?

If you haven’t heard, Aabaco / Yahoo! Small Business will be switching all stores over to HTTPS this October. What does that mean for you? First, it means that your store will won’t get a warning after Google begins issuing warnings to users who try to access sites that aren’t HTTPS. Second, it means that this upgrade will come to you free of charge and you won’t have to pay for an SSL certificate if you’ve been dragging your feet switching your store over. Third, and most important, this change could have an impact on any custom code you currently use on your store.  

Yahoo recommends, “To prepare for the upgrade, please convert all custom-coded/manually entered insecure images and scripts to HTTPS. It’s safe to have secure image(s) and script(s) on insecure pages so it’s recommended that you start preparing soon.”

We are here to help

If you need help making the changes or evaluating what changes you need prior to the install of the certificate, let us help keep your store running so you can keep serving your customers without skipping a beat.

We have a special service plan we are offering to Yahoo Small Business / Abaco stores. For a flat fee of $299, we’ll evaluate your store and make the necessary updates. (Additional fee may be required for custom changes.) Upgrading your Yahoo legacy search can be done at the same time for an additional fee. (Legacy Search will no longer be supported after the update.)

If you aren’t sure if you need any updates, fill out the form below and we’ll take a look at your store and determine what updates you need.

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