The Pivot 360 Process


Pivot 360 is our proven and tested process that we put all of our projects through. You may hear us affectionately refer to it as “The big APE”, because it involves Assessing, Planning, and then Executing. So why do we call it 360? Because it also involves cycles (maybe we should call it the “Big Dizzy APE”.) Just because you’ve assessed, planned, and executed doesn’t mean you’re done. Now, it’s time to re-assess, re-plan, and re-execute. Launching a product or service is just the beginning. Testing your results, setting goals and making changes is the key to growth! And we love helping people build great businesses! So how does this help you?

  • We help you clearly set goals.
  • We put analytics in place to find out how well we’re meeting those goals.
  • We work with you to clearly outline and execute a plan to reach your e-business goals.