Three Different, But Equally Useful, Custom Image Maps for Yahoo! Stores

Yahoo! Store merchants know images are important, whether we’re talking about a home-page rotating banner, or enhanced imaging and interactive capability on the product page. Although search engine spiders really love text, online shoppers would glaze over if that were the only medium used in developing an ecommerce interface. In order to optimize navigation, and just make it easier for customers to know what it is they’re buying, savvy Yahoo! Store merchants are taking the time to implement a variety of different custom image maps for their store; some in places you would never expect.

Of course, we get the typical custom image solution requests that involve breaking product images out of their very basic Yahoo! Store template formats, and bringing them to life with magnified viewing options, external windows with product images that change based on customer option selections, etc.

Below are three different, but equally useful, FastPivot-built custom image solutions for Yahoo! Stores:

Here’s a product image enhancement that allows customers to view the product with a pop-up expanded view, or mouse over the various shots below the main image to see how the product looks from different angles. In this case, the image does not change based on the color, etc. selections made.

Here’s a product page custom image solution for Yahoo! Stores that performs virtually the same function as the one above, only this one is set so the product actually changes based on the color customers select.

And then we have image solutions that are developed for the homepage navigation to help customers sort visually by product theme. Take for example the one below, from

Outside of FastPivot’s custom-made in-house solutions, merchants are also using product image enhancements (like auto-zoom/live product photo updating based on selection) from third-party solutions like Adobe Scene 7. Two examples of Adobe Scene 7 solutions can be found on products pages at Titanium Jewelry and Maine Cottage.

To learn more about custom image solutions for Yahoo! Stores, contact FastPivot today.

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