Installing Google Translate For Yahoo! Stores

Google Translate has been a top website and language translation tool for some years now. People from all over the world use it to translate words and sentences from their native language to one of dozens available for translation. As a general tool, Google Translate can be helpful, and depending on the language, quite accurate. As any professional language translator will tell you though, Google Translate is no where near to perfect, especially when it comes to translating languages like Mandarin, which is exceedingly complex and contextual.

However, relatively new (and under-utilized) to the world of Google powered translation is the ability to take the tool, and install it into a Yahoo! Store. As ecommerce merchants know, international customers could easily plug any store url into Google Translate to read it in their native language, but why make them go to the trouble? Why not just install Google Translate right on the product pages of the Yahoo! Store, so international customers never have to leave, or toggle back and forth to learn about your products?

As many Yahoo! merchants in the U.S.  begin shipping internationally (we have been installing Global Shop Ex’s international shipping solution for Yahoo! Stores), and profiting from global retail sales, the next question is obviously how to further enhance international business on the Yahoo! Store platform. That’s where translation comes in. Sure, you can set up a number of Yahoo! Stores in different languages if there’s enough international traffic, or keep it simple at first by just installing Google Translate, like FastPivot’s developers did for the Yahoo! Store featured in the screenshot below:


Installing Google Translate for Yahoo! Stores is a fairly non-intensive process, however, placement and styling on the site/cart do inherently take some time. The entire project usually takes about 5 hours. However, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s not really worth investing in these add ons without an overall strategy, otherwise you’ll end up with a disjointed store that won’t yield expected results. Google Translate for Yahoo! Stores should only be added in conjunction with a long-term international marketing plan, which include such pieces as international shipping, product modifications, marketing adaptations, and international customer services. Contact to learn more about enabling international commerce on the Yahoo! Store platform.


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