How AB Testing Yahoo! Stores Cuts Costs & Increases Conversions

Blog: AB Testing for Yahoo! Stores By Grant Henry, Director of Strategic Services at FastPivot

Ask a list of people for recommendations on your Yahoo! Store, and you won’t get the same answers from everyone. Designers, stakeholders, and content managers will all have different thoughts about what changes to implement for your Yahoo! Store in order to improve customer engagement. There is rarely a bad idea when it comes to suggestions. However, with the AB Testing technology available, there is no reason to guess which idea will yield the best results. With AB Testing (AKA multivariate testing) Yahoo! Store merchants can take a combination of ideas, present them to different customers at the same time, and measure the results.

AB Testing is valuable for a list of reasons. It allows you to choose from a bevy of ideas or treatments all at once to determine the best performer. Even more so, it prevents you from making bad decisions (both cutting costs and increasing conversion rates). You might slice up a new landing page with the entire team convinced it will perform better than your current version. After AB Testing for change effectiveness (conversions, interaction, bounce rate, etc) you might be surprised.

AB Testing is also an alternative to a full redesign. If the general wireframe is a reasonable one, AB Testing can be used to slowly make changes over time without jarring the customer experience, risk negatively affecting SEO, or spend the budget on brand new code. Sometimes, a redesign is the best option. But it is not the only option. If you aren’t certain about what areas focus on, FastPivot can offer ideas that are quick to test and can incrementally improve conversion rates. Conversion is a very general metric, and it takes constant tweaks and improvements over time to really nudge that number in a positive direction. One of the best things you can do for incremental improvements is let the numbers and statistics guide your decision making. Have an idea for a new layout, color, or way to present content? AB Test it. Need help AB Testing your Yahoo! Store, contact us.


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