FastPivot Develops Online Engraving Tool for Yahoo! Stores

FastPivot has launched a new online engraving inscription tool (for Yahoo! Stores) used to customize jewelry and other personalized product offerings. Development credit goes to RTML programmer, Chris Harman, who put his brain cells into overtime crafting and testing FastPivot’s newly developed online engraving tool (screen shots below):


online engraving tool
online engraving tool

In the above screenshot, it’s easy to see that FastPivot’s new online engraving tool allows customers to personalize items like wedding bands or other products suitable for custom text inscription. Below is a screenshot showing how the custom text can be typed directly over the corresponding product image to show customers how their custom engraving will actually appear on the product.

custom online engraving tool
custom text online engraving tool

As noted in the screenshot above, Yahoo! Store customers using this online engraving tool to personalize product on Yahoo! Stores can also choose from several fonts they want to use with their custom inscription. Below is a screenshot showing the above product sample engraved with a different font:

custom font selector online engraving tool
custom font online engraving tool

This online engraving tool can be used for a wide range of design and create your own custom product inscription scenarios: t-shirts, golf balls, antique silver, butter knives, footballs, pens, hats,  baseball bats, keyrings, sweat bands, and other personalized gifts. OK, we guess there are things people wouldn’t want engraved, like Halloween masks and tooth paste tubes, but the list can go on longer than we care to imagine. So, whatever the product is that Yahoo! Store merchants wants customers to be able to custom engrave, this online engraving tool can do it. It’s ready to be used, so contact FastPivot today to custom program an online engraving tool into your Yahoo! Store.

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