's Yahoo! Store Designers Create "Hybrid" Product Page for

In our last blog, we gave a breakdown of both the standard and special features we recently developed for In this blog we’ll expand more on Babybeat’s new “hybrid” product page.

The two screen captures below display Babybeat’s Before and After product page. The After version is a custom hybridized design which combines both rental and purchase options all on one page, thereby reducing the potential for confusion and getting lost while clicking. It also cleanly organizes product content into tabbed sections. Overall the move from old to new is significant and should prove to make navigation/page use more convenient. Smart Yahoo! store design upgrades like this are powerful when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

product page before
hybrid product page after
After takes delight in creating brand new, custom Yahoo Stores around myriad of cerebral inceptions. We can even re-breathe life into an already-established, under-performing Yahoo Store, without damaging fragile internals. The more custom store design involved, the better! Contact to let the magic begin.

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