FastPivot Summit 2012, a Reminder of Who We Are

It would be too easy to peer into a crystal ball–in today’s lingo, Yelp and Foursquare–or other telling “review” sites to magically glimpse a reflection of who we have become to the world, and ourselves. But for a tech-savvy crowd, we are a little old fashion when it comes to sitting down with each other and talking over how we’re doing as a team, where we’re going, and who we are as a brand. That is exactly what we did last week when many of Fastpivot’s key team members came together at the home office in Asheville NC to spend the day together.

We discussed how as a brand FastPivot hasn’t changed it’s core all that much. We started back in the 90s and have stayed small, agile, smart, and innovative. We work with great people with great businesses that are changing the world. We’re family friendly, and it shows in the work we do. Anyone’s grandmother should be able to visit any site in our portfolio of thousands of e-stores without embarrassment. We absolutely love using our development and design powers for good. We aren’t a widget shop where customers anonymously put in orders for one time services and then disappear. We actually like getting to know the people behind work orders, and make it a priority to work alongside etailers for the long-term to ensure enduring business growth and success.  That’s why 95% of our business is from retainers we’ve worked with in most cases for many years.

Last week’s summit was a reminder to us all at Fastpivot that we love who we are as a team, and what we do for our clients. We will continue offering world class products and service, without ever flinching on quality. Our clients are always worth it!  Our guarantee to the ecommerce merchant is unflagging, and we always stand behind our work. And we’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve, so don’t be shy about speaking up!

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