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Store Design, Management Services and Digital Marketing

FastPivot has grown from a design and development agency into what we like to call Pivot360, a multi-tiered support agency. Our friends at Onion River Sports utilize the full value of this relationship, which includes daily store management, design and programming, online digital marketing and store training, and consult and support.

Onion River Sports is as 40-year-old outdoor retail business in Vermont with a bustling store front and complex online sites. They found Pivot360 model exactly what they needed to help update and manage their online presence through multiple ecommerce stores, blogs and forums. Careful strategic planning targeted their flagship ecom store www.orsracksdirect.com for an immediate much-needed redesign and data management assistance, while also building out a plan for the same with their other sites.

Keeping track of product and making sure content is updated and relevant is non-stop in order to remain visible online, and FastPivot is a strategic asset in that process. Working with Onion River Sports’ product, marketing and design team, we support day-to-day online store management, like adding and deleting new products, store programming, online specials management; and, we help manage their digital marketing paid search accounts in both Google and Bing. Working with the ORS team to establish budgets we can help them drive traffic to help meet their business goals.

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