Your Weekend Reads for Sept 5, 2014


Online Advertising:
Two of The Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks: The pay-per-click advertising landscape is constantly changing and is becoming more important for businesses to understand than ever. Google alone adds hundreds of new features each year, not to mention the dozens of other emerging and existing PPC platforms. So how do you know which campaigns to prioritize, what new features to try, and where to cut back for the most success?

Search Engine Optimization:
5 Less Common Link Building Mistakes You Might Be Making: One of the toughest parts about running an online marketing program is remembering all of the things you have to do. There are often so many parts and pieces that keeping it all together can be tough, especially if you aren’t organized. The same thing applies when running a link building campaign.

Social Media:
How to Optimize Your Content for the Top 5 Social Networks: Are you sharing content on different social networks? Do you know the best way to share it for each platform? Sharing your social media content isn’t a one-message-fits-all exercise. In this article I’ll show you how to share content the right way for the top five social media networks.

How to Build Your Audience on YouTube: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they wanted a viral video, I’d be rich. But here’s the problem…A viral video is not a win for a brand. It’s just an amazing video. It’s a unique thing unto itself and has little to do with a brand. If you really want to use YouTube effectively, I recommend that you take the time to cultivate a channel, so your brand will have a personality.

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