What did Google AdWords announce on April 22?

Google is forever tweaking its services, algorithms and product families. Sometimes, the changes are hinted at before the launch date. Other times, changes are announced without much fanfare. So what did Google AdWords announce on April 22? Here is what you need to know:

1. Mobile App Marketing Increased

    • Better Targeting: Reach prospective app customers based on apps they have on their device, the app’s usage, in-app purchases and download history.
    • More Ad Impessions: A holistic solution to announce applications on search, display and Youtube.
    • Better Rengagement: App deep linking. A way to drive reengagement for people who have installed your app but haven’t used it.
    • App Analytics Measurement: Measure conversions entirely. From install to re-engagement to in-app purchases.

2. Estimated Total Conversions

    • Better measuring of offline conversions and wrapping them into Estimated Total Conversions. This will be better for brick-and-mortar stores who are advertising online.

3. Intelligent Tools

    • Bulk uploads: Helpful if you’re running numerous campaigns with dozens of ad groups and keywords.
    • Automated bidding.
    • Automate bids to maximize conversions: Excited to see more info on this.
    • Automate bids to maximize revenue: Excited to see more info on this also.

Additional intelligent tools:

    • Enhanced reporting: A reporting platform so you can create multi-dimensional pivot tables and charts within AdWords.
    • Drafts and experiments: stage and commit your campaign ideas before fully committing to them. Also, it looks like you’ll be able to A/B test campaigns and do traffic splits against live campaigns.

Exciting news. We look forward to learning more. If you have any questions about any of these developments, contact me to discuss your AdWords issues.

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