How to Maximize Social Media ROI: Webinar for Online Retailers

Many online retailers struggle with how to maximize social media ROI. Anyone who has spent a couple of active months using social media channels to attract and engage prospects and customers has surely questioned whether all the tweets, posts and interaction are worth it.

It is easy to evaluate the ROI of price-based incentives and coupons promoted through social media. Valuing the economic upside of increasing Facebook likes and Pinterest re-pins, however, is much harder than evaluating the results of transactional offers. 

Monetize It: How to Maximize Social Media ROI

A couple of weeks ago, we addressed in-depth many of these issues and questions in a webinar co-presented with Addshoppers. It was a lively hour in which we discussed some of the activities that have proven successful for FastPivot, and the work of our co-presenter Chad Ledford. We discussed a wide variety of onsite and offsite social tactics that will help maximize the potential for successful and profitable engagement. A key part of the discussion was several ways to measure social media ROI.

So if the question of how to maximize social media ROI has kept you up at night or scratching your head on a Friday afternoon, you’ll find your 50 minutes watching the webinar on our YouTube channel time well spent.

Just click on this link to watch the webinar and learn.

If you have any questions, or want to learn how the experts talking in the webinar can personally help you and your online retailing store improve your social media ROI, call us at 888-770-8883 or use our online form

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