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We have featured in an increasing number of blogs lately, because international business for U.S. based etailers has exploded. Those not prepared to go global have been asking us about high quality solutions, and we have been referring them to our partner . They offer merchants currency conversion, risk free shipping, and knowledgeable expertise on how to convert international traffic into sales. We have been thrilled with their solution, but note that we don’t just pass our Yahoo! merchants along to them–we are hands-on in the process and install their proprietary international solution for Yahoo! Stores ourselves. And it’s not just one or two we’ve been working on, it’s a line of them–in fact, another one just came in last week.

But one concern some merchants have had is, What sort of base does have? This is a question any merchant should ask of their third-party solution providers. It’s every merchant’s nightmare to dedicate resources to a solution that doesn’t have a solid foothold in the industry. We had an hour call with one national level merchant who turned their shipping and management over to a third-party only to have them go out of business months later. We assure you that is growing, and offering excellent service to their merchants. In fact, they just sent us a link to this press release that was published in Internet Retailer last week:

Working on a number of large platforms is good evidence that these guys are doing something right. We are happy to help with their Yahoo! Store solution installs, so if you’re thinking large, like GLOBAL-LARGE, let us know!

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