Tracking Blog Performance in Google Analytics

One of my new favorite features in Google Analytics is Custom Dimensions. Custom Dimensions lets you track things in Google Analytics that aren’t normally available as a primary dimension.

For our test case, we are currently tracking the performance of our authors and categories in Google Analytics. Using some custom code and Google Tag Manager, we were easily able to implement these changes.

Tracking this type of data is easy in WordPress. If it can be called from your database, it can be pushed into Google Analytics. You also don’t have to use Tag Manager, but it makes implementing the code on your site much easier.

This type of tracking also isn’t limited to just blogs either. If you’re an ecommerce store, you can push your own values into Google Analytics. Since Custom Dimensions are server-side, here are some of the things you can track:

  • Products
  • Product Category
  • Coupon Codes

What are some of the things you’re interested in tracking?

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Google Analytics Categories
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