FastPivot Design leads United Exchange Corp’s Netsuite eCommerce transition

When considering an eCommerce store or website in general, it should be no shock that the design stage is often the longest and involves the biggest budget.  Not only is the designer capturing brand and styling, he or she is also tasked with working within the website’s platform to provide all areas of user-interface.  Recently, FastPivot was contracted to help move to the Netsuite eCommerce platform by providing turn-key design and interface for their new store.

“It’s exactly how we had envisioned the site to be.” stated Chris Anderson, E-Commerce Manager for United Exchange Corp.  “Tim’s work (FastPivot’s designer) really set the stage for showing off our brand and persona.”


The project was a collaboration with the development team at Netsuite and consisted of two main parts:

1. Providing a visual framework within the Netsuite platform for displaying product and

2. Capturing the visual persona for all pages within the site, from hero shots to drop-downs and hover states.

Over the course of several months, the FastPivot team, along with UEC and Netsuite met to set the stage for the overall interface of the new site.  FastPivot’s lead designer, Tim, also worked to find the appropriate visuals and messaging to highlight the key areas within the store.

Design is crucial to establishing how a website not only looks, but how it interacts.  FastPivot works with clients that need turn key, just frameworks or that have pre-existing designs that need evaluated and can craft a project based on those needs.   Well thought-out design is not specific or limited by platform, so if your ecommerce store needs a refresh, transition to another platform or a professional evaluation, contact us today.

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