NetSuite Acquires Order Motion: A Good Idea?

NetSuite Acquires Order Motion!

Netsuite acquires Order Motion! Our congratulations to both the OrderMotion and NetSuite SuiteCommerce team!

If you hadn’t heard, or read the news reports, NetSuite acquired OrderMotion earlier this month.

OrderMotion’s order management, order processing, and inventory management capabilities will be rolled into NetSuite to bolster its existing functionality in these areas.

What does it mean when NetSuite acquires Order Motion?


It represents a continued investment in Commerce, Suite Commerce to be specific.  After acquiring Retail Anywhere Point of Sale for the brick and mortar set, Order Motion represents a solid effort to help merchants get both the ‘front of the house’ and the ‘back of the house’ in order.

Netsuite addresses challenges that growing retailers and etailers frequently encounter.   Fragmented systems don’t  scale well with data silos in multiple systems,  multiple retail locations and multiple fulfillment centers.

It’s an interesting (and exciting) development for Fast Pivot because we’re partners with both companies. (We partnered with OrderMotion several years ago to meet the needs of our Yahoo! Stores merchants, and started working with NetSuite a couple of years after that).

Partnering with OrderMotion was a good decision on our part (smart even!) because it became a trusted provider for our larger Yahoo! Merchant Solutions for order management and fulfillment information flows.

Is the NetSuite Order Motion combo a good idea?
We think certainly think so. We’ve enjoyed working independently with both companies and our customers have certainly benefitted. Because of our relationships with both companies, FastPivot is excited about the potential of an integrated future together!

Matt Ledford

If you’re interested in how this future might affect your ecommerce future, and will be at Internet Retailer June 4-7  in Chicago.
Contact us to set up an appointment with Fast Pivot founder Matt Ledford there. Matt will be connecting with clients, as well as doing on-site site consulting & reviews.

What do you think?  Good acquisition?  Good for retailers and e-tailers alike?  What are the biggest ‘pain points’ you have in your business?

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