Google Trusted Stores come to Yahoo Store merchants

Some of the biggest marketing news to come along in a long time for Yahoo Store merchants – Yahoo Store merchants (with sufficient order volume) can now apply for inclusion in the Google Trusted Stores program. This is a significant traffic and conversion potential for many merchants.

Not only does this allow store owners to display the Trusted Store badge on behalf of Google, but store ads and product listings are given the badge as well. This gives priority and credibility to a store’s Google presence. Tests show that merchants who take part in the program get more clicks and get the chance to convert at a higher rate.


Three steps in the process to apply for Google Trusted Stores:

  1. Apply with Google for Google Trusted Stores
  2. Technical Integration: Insert the Google ID provided by Google in the Yahoo Store Manager
  3. Wait for Google to collect the appropriate amount data (estimated time 30-90 days – can vary)

Best of all, the Google Trusted Stores program is free. For more information, guidance, and assistance with the badge display for custom stores, contact us for more details.

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