Summer Vacation and Christmas in July-Yahoo! Merchant Summit…what the…

You may have noticed, we’ve taken a short blogging break.  More about that at the end…

Did everyone get a Summer vacation?  You look like you might need a break.   As we look at the calendar, this is the final push for many families before back to school and it is the beginning push for consumer focused e-businesses to get it together for the Holiday shopping season!

This could freak you out but this year is nearly 60% done.  Yup.  You can get up from the floor now.  Really.  

Retailers, it is only ten (count them 10) short weeks until shopping really starts cranking up.  Pause.  Take a breath. Inhale and exhale, slowly and deeply.

In less than ten days, ( Aug 7-8) I’ll be at the SOLD OUT Yahoo! Merchant Summit in Santa Clara, CA!  Hope to see lots of friends and partners there while making some great new ones too!  ( Email matt at or tweet me at mattledford to connect! )

The week following, I’m stoked to see one of our clients for a social visit at one of my favorite places on the planet: Yosemite!!  I also hope to post some epic photos to fire up your creativity if you aren’t travelling anywhere cool that week!

While the family and I see some of the great California Parks team will be cranking with me out of their way!  (I think they like it while I’m unplugged, actually!)

Good news is that FastPivot has some space in our schedule to help improve your presence and ultimately grow your connection, conversion and commitment from your audience.  Space is limited.  No joke, no hype.  Tag us if we can help!


Our awesome writer and content strategist Jonathan Poston is pursuing other interests for a season, we hope to have him back at some point.   We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to him for all his great contributions and hope that (even though he is a world traveller) he will stay in touch with all of us! 

So, in addition to being Fastpivot CEO and Co-Founder, I will be our blog editor for this season.  Let me know what you’d like to know and I’d love to have one of our great team share some of the lessons learned from helping startups and the IR Top 500 alike.  I also really appreciate everyone tracking along with us and adding such great comments, makes me very proud of Jonathan’s hard work and the great work our team does.

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