How Yahoo! Store Merchants Are Leveraging International Sales to Increase Profits

When Yahoo! Store ecommerce merchants first launch their online stores many are giddy with expectations that orders will pour in from the four corners of the Earth–After all ecommerce promoters have touted the internet’s ability to cross borders without passports, sophisticated paperwork, or even the nasty pressure to bribe customs. The refreshing line of thinking that follows this logic sends ecommerce merchants into a frenzy of hope that the mere act of setting up shop on the world wide web will result in a huge burst of international orders. But there’s a lot more to the international ecommerce process than internet access for the international shopper!

Expanding international ecommerce can be a very complex task and is often avoided by USA retailers. Yet… about 80% of internet shoppers are outside the US. The typical barriers include (but are not limited to):

  • The inability to calculate duties and taxes
  • International payment processing
  • Fraud
  • High international rates
  • Customs brokering and paperwork
  • International language barriers, etc.

Yahoo merchants such as,,, HomeVillage.US,  and others have expanded their sales to over 200 countries.  They are now reaching customers and taking orders they would otherwise have not known about or rejected due to the risk.  With GlobalShopex’s web based merchant log-in, the merchants can log-in in real time to view their international customer data, order activity and monitor the countries they are shipping to.  For example, as soon launched, they received an order from Israel.  The Israeli customer was thrilled to be able to purchase the shoes they wanted from the USA and have them arrived as promised.

These Yahoo! Store merchants who achieved such international sales success didn’t do it alone. They were using GlobalShopex’s “turnkey” solution, enabling them to accept international orders within hours, and without risk.  Shipping to over 200 countries, GlobalShopex simply integrates an international checkout button into the merchant’s checkout.  Customers are transferred to GlobalShopex to finalize their order, and are able to:

  • View their order total in local currency
  • Have the option to prepay duties and taxes
  • Experience a localized checkout
  • Pay with their local form of payment

“How it Works”

The seamless integrated checkout process:

1) Customer shops for product on the merchants site

2) Customer chooses the International Checkout option

3) GlobalShopex checks out the International customer providing local currency, currency conversion, option to prepay duties and taxes, local payment options & local customer support

4) GlobalShopex orders from the merchant online, paying them via credit card and then, once received into the Miami FL hub, GS ships out the order to their customer’s door!

GlobalShopex handles the international payment processing for the merchant and assumes full risk of all fraud and chargeback’s.  The ecommerce merchant will simply ship international orders to GlobalShopex. Then GlobalShopex takes those orders and handles the complex process of international delivery, to ensure they reach the customer’s door via a tractable delivery method.  With low international rates and international customer support in multiple languages, merchants are realizing immediate return to their top line revenue while their customers are supported by an excellent experience.

Fast Pivot has made it easy for GlobalShopex’s Yahoo! Store Merchants to expand their international ecommerce by integrating GlobalShopex’s international checkout solution to the Yahoo! Store cart within a few days.

Contact Colleen at for more information on how GlobalShopex can help increase your Yahoo! Store sales.

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